Raspberry Pi 101

A Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that can be plugged into a standard set of peripherals. Originally intended to be an economical piece of equipment to teach programming, the Raspberry Pi has instead developed a robust user community beyond the original target audience.  From elementary coding to robotics and blockchain applications such as cryptocurrency mining, the small computing powerhouse has a worldwide following of makers and doers relying on its versatility for all types of projects.

Programming Can-Do

Learning to program is not impossible. That’s the most basic tenet of programming. That programming can be fun, engaging, and something you can do alone or with friends which is the best part of programming. Raspberry Pi is just the thing to help everyone of every age to learn how to code. It’s inexpensive, and has a huge amount of support materials behind it. Raspberry Pi is more than just the computer of choice for cryptocurrency miners, it’s a versatile piece of hardware that can open doors and become a skill set that can lead you to a new career. What can you do? Just about anything.

Level Up Your Skills

Whether you want to learn programming on your own, level up your DIY, or if you’re a parent or educator trying to engage young minds, Raspberry Pi can bring fun to learning. The best part is to be able to see the results of your efforts in project after project. From a classroom, to a family project, to something for your own personal satisfaction. Start working on simple projects such as a Raspberry Pi semi-autonomous RCV or retro gaming console, and then move on to DIY smart home projects, and even to larger complex computing goals. Learning should be engaging and practical, so grab a Pi and see what you can do!

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