All Businesses Require Asset Management

by | Dec 10, 2013 | Business software

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Whether you run a busy medical clinic or retail shop all businesses require an Asset Tracking Solution. Here is an overview of how an asset tracking solution can work for your businesse.

Equipment Tracking
Regardless of what your business might be you will have equipment. Medical offices may have everything from electronic thermometers to scales for weigh patients that require tracking. A small office will have computers, phones, photocopiers and faxes. A retailer will have cash registers, payment equipment for debit and credit cards and even the fixtures on which products are stored. All businesses have equipment that requires tracking so your business is able to function and you can foresee costs as well as be prepared should upgrades or replacements be required.

Asset Tracking
You will also be able to keep tabs on your equipment including maintenance costs. This really comes in handy for businesses that have assets out on the road. Whether it is a fleet of cars for a sales team or limo service, laptops for staff who work from home, or equipment for clinicians who might make house calls you will always know who has what signed out. It works well for rental companies as well who might be sending items home with clients and customers.

Maintenance Tracking
It is very important to keep track of how much money you might be investing in repairs. You want to know how often items are being serviced for two reasons. First you want to be certain that you are not spending more money than it would cost to buy a new piece of equipment. Second you will be able to track your warranties for equipment so you know when they will run out. You can also keep track of any equipment that might be sent out for repairs to make sure they come back on time and help you manage things such as booking appointments with patients or clients who require special equipment for treatment or services.

Track Items on the Road
You can even track assets using an asset tracking solution remotely if need be so you always know where everything is and can manage without having to be tied to the office, clinic or shop.

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