ATM Outsourcing – How Banks Can Benefit

by | Jul 19, 2012 | Computer And Software

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The ATM is a “must have” customer service channel for banks. Evolving compliance and regulatory mandates, increased security threats along with rising customer expectations, many banks are now focusing on improving customer’s experience by reducing costs and generating revenues through their self-service channel- that is through an ATM.

Banks are challenged with the complexity of managing necessary functions to support their self-service channel initiatives such as managing ATM uptime, currency replenishment and management process, software updates and a variety of ATM security solutions that protect data and premises.

Maintaining, setting up and operating an ATM is a capital intensive exercise which requires large investment and is also an expensive operational practice. Hence, many services related to an ATM channel are widely outsourced. There is a growing trend towards partnering with strategic ATM service providers for providing end-to-end services.

ATM Outsourcing service is a third party service that allow banks to capture greater efficiencies while ensuring that their ATM portfolio maintains latest in technological advancement and meets all regulatory requirements. ATM Outsourcing service enables banks to focus more on their own core competencies and the initiatives that deliver the greatest value to their customers.

Discover how banks can benefit from ATM Outsourcing Services.

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