Cloud Computing Services

by | Dec 22, 2015 | Computer And Software

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 What are Cloud Computing Services?

According to Webopedia, these refer to services users can take advantage of via the Internet. The services are hosted on servers of cloud computing providers. That’s the main difference it has from other services that run on the company’s own servers.

What are these services?

Cloud computing services cover a range of applications. These include data storage and backup services, along with web-based email services. Hosted office suites as well as document collaboration services are also covered. Database processing and technical support services, along with a whole lot of others—so long as they run on the web and are hosted by the service providers themselves are also included.

What are some of the benefits it offers?

Cloud services are often regarded as scalable solutions, usually implemented at incredibly low-cost. That’s one reason why it’s the go-to choice for a lot of small businesses out there, especially startups, that want to save on costs. Here are a few other benefits businesses can take advantage of when they use Cloud computing services:

1 . Low Cost. Since there’s no longer any need for the company to host the service or application, that cuts down on the need for data storage upkeep and maintenance. This also means companies won’t have to spend a fortune on hardware—and replacing that hardware every few years, which was how things used to go.

2 . Less Resources. In the past, services had to be hosted by onsite servers and these servers were massive and required the care and technical know-how of an entire IT staff to keep running. Cloud computing completely turned that whole setup on its head. These days, with services that run on cloud, companies won’t have to pay an entire team just to keep their systems running.

3 . Everywhere Access. Everything stored on cloud is accessible from anywhere—provided there’s a working internet. This way, employees can get into their files and come to work even while they’re at home or on the go. Cloud allows files, apps, images along with all other forms of information to be accessed from all over the world, allowing remote teams to review files, send materials and collaborate, ensuring higher productivity for teams.

These are just some of the advantages you can expect from cloud computing services. So if your company hasn’t made the switch yet, this is an excellent time as any to change that.

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