Factors to Consider while Searching for a SAP Course

by | May 23, 2014 | Business software

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There are a number of institutions offering training in various ERP lessons but it is essential that you find a good and a reputable institution which will help you achieve your dreams of becoming a better IT SAP solutions provider. It’s important not to forget that with the increase in the popularity of ERP’s, there are a number of bogus institutions which will pretend to be offering genuine SAP course yet in essence, they are only keen on ripping off the unsuspecting SAP students. Before you pay for any SAP course in any institution, do due diligence and make sure it has the following features-:

Pre Enrolment Consultations

A genuine institution offering SAP course will offer free pre enrolment consultations. This is the period to make available any information that prospective student should know. The relevance is that SAP students are normally drawn from different backgrounds and some may get overwhelmed in the middle of the training. To avoid this, pre enrolment consultations are essential in order to help the students understand what lies ahead and also clear any apprehensions that the prospective students might have prior to enrolment.

Contents of the Course

A genuine SAP course should have tailor made programs to suit the needs of each individual. This is because ERP is an extensive field and there is no way of mastering everything all at the same time. What you need to do is to identify where your interest lies then pursue it. A legitimate SAP training institution should offer courses like BI, FICO, MM/SCM, HR/HCM, and SD/SCM. An institution without a combination of such courses may not be ideal at all.

Online Learning Facilities

This is very essential for a number of reasons. First, you may be working for a big corporation and it may not be possible to attend physical classes hence the need for online SAP course. Secondly, SAP is a practical program and you must be provided with the appropriate software to do real world simulations and this should be done via an online interface. Therefore before enrolling for any SAP course, ensure that the awarding institution have appropriate online structures for online the training.

Professional Tutors

It does not matter whether you will be learning the SAP course online or you will be attending a physical class but unless you have a qualified tutor, then you are likely not to gain so much. A professional tutor should be available to provide you with the necessary guidance and issue the right instructions to make your learning process a smooth and an easy one. You can inspect the qualification of every tutor present in that institution before you finally decide to enroll. This can save you lots of money as well as time.


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