Features of Data Center Energy Efficiency Software

by | Jan 8, 2014 | Computer And Software

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Most are aware of the benefits of recycling paper and plastic, reducing water waste, and reducing pollution. However, fewer people are aware of the ways to reduce energy costs. Some business may choose to switch lightbulbs or opt for light sensors. The question for data centers is how can they be more energy efficient while increasing productivity. Data centers are spaces where companies store and operate the Information and Communication Technology that supports the business. Often, these centers are structured using cages, racks, or cabinets. In every instance, the environment (temperature and humidity) is controlled to maximize the operations of the systems. However, these controls can be wasting energy just to keep the center cool and at the perfect humidity level.

To maximize data center energy efficiency, several strategies have been proposed: raising awareness, gaining insight, and developing software. As to the first strategy, white papers have been produced to discuss the impact data centers have on carbon footprints and possible ways to reduce it. As for the second strategy, businesses should be aware of the assets of the center, their physical connections, and the necessary relationships to develop methods of energy reduction. Some companies, like Raritan, a leader in Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), have developed software that runs efficient operations.

The most important feature of this software is its ability to streamline the various databases, monitoring systems, and manual processes that most centers use. This software completes inventory information from all systems, delivers data reports in multiple ways, manages workflow, and has open integration capabilities. Users of this software are targeted as the data center, information technology, and facilities operators. With this software, one can manage assets and capacity and monitor power, the environment, and energy use.

The purpose of this software is to maximize data center energy efficiency by providing instantaneous visual and textual information without the need for a physical person on site. The database accurately keeps a record of all processes. When considering questions of capacity, this program allocates space for new servers and manages the power and networks easily. The analytic processes of DCIM software report any hot spots, overcooling, or wasted energy in an integrated manner.

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