Features of the Best All in One Calendar

by | Oct 8, 2014 | Business software

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An all in one calendar refers to a calendar system that has many views, color-coded categories, widget of upcoming events, recurrence, .ics feeds and export/import of Facebook events. This calendar gives web developers, owners and administrators a beautiful way of listing events in their websites. Using this calendar, it is possible to share events with other internet users through Facebook.

Currently, there are many providers of these calendars. It is important to have a calendar system that combines solid architecture, clear visual design and powerful features. This will enable you to come up with a better calendar system for your website.

Some of the calendar editions are readily available on the Internet. Some of them you have to pay to download while others are available for free. Whether you need a calendar system that you download for free or you want to pay for one, make sure that you get a calendar system that makes your website to stand unique.

Perhaps, the best calendar system to use in a website should be customizable. It should have custom themes or have a feature that enables you to develop your themes. Additionally, it should allow you to install add-ons so that you can have a Poster-board view, inline Calendar and Facebook integration as well as Calendar Theme editing among others.

Exporting and importing iCalendar or .ics feeds is among the best features of an all in one calendar. This feature enables you to enter events on a single website and then it appears automatically in the calendar of other websites.

With this feature, it is also possible to send an event from one tag or a specific category. This implies that you can share an event in a combination of tags or categories. Perhaps, you might be wondering why this feature is so important.

With this feature, an event’s creator can come up with a single event and then display it on thousands or a few calendars without struggling. Additionally, calendar owners can populate calendars from the feeds of other calendars without enduring the hassle of coming up with new events.

For instance, this feature makes it possible for a soccer league to send the schedule of its game to a group of sports’ calendars. This will in turn send the featured games only to the calendars of the soccer community.

Other additional features that this calendar system can have include SEO optimization of events, link of events to the original calendars and theme modification.

An all in one calendar is very important for contemporary website owners and administrators. Visit Everwondrnetwork.com to learn more about the features of this calendar system.



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