How Link Bonding Can Keep Your Productivity High

by | Mar 26, 2013 | Business software

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If you have ever lost your Internet connection while at work, you have felt the panic that occurs when you realize the entire network is impacted. It is for this reason alone that you need to find a way to ensure a solid connection for your business. This is easily done with Link Bonding or the creation of a virtual connection between two networks. The new virtual connection creates the bandwidth you need to stay operational.

Eliminate Limitations

One of the biggest benefits of creating a virtual connection between two networks is the elimination of limitations on your network. You can connect almost any two types of technology to create one link; whether the two connections are similar or different, the connection can be made. This eliminates any restrictions a single network might have in terms of becoming overloaded by various activities, such as video conferencing or VoIP, allowing you to add any necessary technology to your network without the worry of losing bandwidth.

Less Downtime

There is nothing more frustrating in business than to be without a necessary Internet connection. Whether this occurs because you have overloaded the system or one network is simply down, it wreaks havoc on your business. When you have utilized the benefits of link bonding, when one network fails, the other can pick up the slack, allowing you to have a consistent connection most of the time.

Route Heavy Applications

If your business uses a number of heavy applications, such as VoIP, you can prioritize certain cables to handle the bandwidth for these processes, leaving the rest of the cables to handle your businesses other Internet needs. This means you will avoid overloading the entire system, causing the entire network to crash. Each business has its own needs; if your business includes those that are heavily reliant on the Internet and play a major role in your business, such as making important phone calls, it is imperative to find the way to handle both to run your business efficiently.

Link bonding offers businesses the best of both worlds. This cost-saving method of increasing bandwidth, eliminates the need to lease more lines by simply linking up the existing networks to balance each other out during times of heavy use. When your business uses the benefits of aggregating multiple links, you will be able to keep your downtime to a minimum and your productivity at a maximum.


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