How To Settle Laptop Charging Problems

by | Jun 12, 2012 | Computer And Software

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The general norm when plugging in a laptop is to find yourself welcomed with a chipper chirrup from the laptop as it comes to life, while a glowing indicator lights up and the display introduces the wallpaper and the desktop icons. At least that’s what it should be doing when you switch it on. However, you’ve tried connecting the AC adapter, switching on the power supply and pressing the on/off button of the laptop repeatedly but to no avail. You do not get any glowing lights or perked up display nor can you make out that the laptop is getting charged; you wonder what has gone wrong, why won’t it come to life and what needs to be done about it.

Although it appears to be a simple task of recharging laptop; the laptop is plugged in to the power socket and it works, fairly simple step! However between the plug outlet and the area where the battery is situated in the laptop there are a number of things that can go wrong and cause the laptop to fail. Although most of the issues can be sorted out immediately, be just a software fine-tune or install a new battery, some issues may call for a visit to a laptop repair Los Angeles service company or even a complete laptop substitution. Understanding what needs to be done can help you save a number of hours of disappointment and valuable money in fixes. By adopting a thorough approach, you will easily be able to surmise the cause of the problem and choose the right solution.

Following are a list of troubleshooting steps:

Is the laptop really plugged in? Although you may assume that the laptop has been plugged in, sometimes in the case of a non-functioning laptop it is important to check the A/C outlet as well as the laptop plugs. You might also want to try changing the power cord onto a different outlet to check the power supply received by the laptop.

Remove the battery. An easy method of checking whether the battery is at fault is to remove the battery completely and plug in the laptop directly to the AC outlet. If the laptop lights up, then you may need to replace the battery with a new one.

Check the power cord. Inspect the length of the power of the power cord to check if there are any twists or cracks. Some important pointers that signal interrupted power supply to the laptop include broken connections, loose plugs, warped or expanded parts in the length of the power cord, discoloured A/C bricks etc.

If all of your alternatives have failed and you are left with no other options — having tried all possible tips and connections — the problem might be found inside the laptop. Some of these might include a nonworking motherboard, non-functioning logic boards, malfunctioning circuits or battery sensors etc. you might need to consult a Laptop Repair Los Angeles specialist if the laptop is out of warranty else speak to your manufacturer about the various alternatives that are covered under the warranty.

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