Ideas For Magento Template Design

by | Sep 16, 2015 | Web development software

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Surprising to many ecommerce newbies is the importance of perhaps one of the best-hidden secrets of successful online stores. While many people recognized the platforms of Bigcommerce, Volusion and Shopify they may not know that the most commonly used platform by companies of all sizes is Magento.

It’s estimated that as many as 20% of all ecommerce sites use the Magento platform. It’s also the most commonly recommended platforms by ecommerce specialists and web developers. It offers lots of unique features and customizable options, but it isn’t considered to be user-friendly platform, especially for those just getting started in online programming and ecommerce website development.

To help those new to ecommerce see the possibilities of a Magento site, let’s first take a quick look at why it may seem overwhelming without the help of a Magento design expert.

The Magento Challenges

Since Magento is designed with the idea of full customization in mind, the Magento template design is really very basic. Without some web design and development experience, making any changes to the templates will be challenging and typically beyond what most people are comfortable with on their own.

The ecommerce features offered for the site are considerable, and are some of the best features found on any platform. However, just as with the Magento template design, they are designed to be implemented on the site with customization and modification to your specific needs. The platform also provides a range of different tools for Google and other search engine optimization tools. Having a professional service take of all those issues will take the stress away.

Creating Custom Looks

If you know what you want in a Magento template design, you can look for ideas in the Magento store, or you can work directly with a website design company to create a fully customized site.

With all the tools and options that the platform offers, our web design team can design the functions, features and options you that want and need for your website. This includes responsive design themes, which are becoming more important every year, as customers switch from online browsing using a PC to using smartphones, tablets and other internet connected devices.

While Magento may not be the ideal platform for someone new to website design and online sales, working with our top team of developers and designers will ensure you get just the website you need. It will be unique, original and optimized for your customers while also providing you the inventory, sales, and marketing tools you need.

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