Laptop Maintenance for the First-Time User

by | Feb 10, 2016 | Computers and Internet

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Getting your first laptop is an exciting moment in any person’s life. All of a sudden, you have mobile access to all of your personal information, software programs, and the internet, letting you bring it along to work on wherever you go. However, owning a laptop requires a little bit of preparation and maintenance, if you want it to last for the next ten years.

Maintaining a Fresh Battery

Every laptop uses a battery and charger to provide power to the entire operating system. Much like standard batteries, these accessories only have a certain lifespan before they no longer hold a charge for the same length of time. If you want to be able to take your computer with you wherever you go, you need a battery that holds a charge for a long enough time to support various programs without being plugged in. Some computers are programmed to tell you when the battery begins weakening, using a pop-up window to tell you replacement is needed.

Protection from Malware

Malware is a type of adware, disguising damaging software within advertisements for users to click on. To maintain your computer’s regular usage, purchase virus protection that regularly scans your computer for potential threats. Without proper protection, you put yourself at risk of identity theft, fraud, and data loss, while potentially rendering your computer useless. Schedule regular scans to quarantine any problems, before the virus eats away at your software.

External Protection

If you plan to take your laptop with you to various locations, you need to invest in external protection. Choose a laptop case with thick padding to prevent damage when placing your computer on a hard surface. Many users also choose to use a screen protector, preventing your computer screen from being scratched or smudged, which protected the integrity of your machine. By protecting your computer on the outside, you prevent damage to the circuit board inside.

Troubleshooting Your Computer

If you take the right precautions to protect your data, but your computer begins to run slowly anyway, you may benefit from performing laptop troubleshooting. If your problems have to do with your internet connection, the option to troubleshoot will pop up when your connection ceases. Otherwise, you may benefit from performing a virus scan on your entire system. In the event you continue to have issues with your computer’s performance, you may need to consult with a local computer repair shop, like Business Name.

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