Shopify SEO Tips to Try Today

by | Aug 7, 2014 | Computer

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Shopify is an easy-to-use, yet powerful e-commerce platform that can be a great choice if your business is just starting to get into the process of selling things through your website, and if you’d like to benefit from using an intuitive interface.

It’s essential for you to be aware of some Shopify SEO strategies that could make your online store more visible in search engines. Take a moment to learn about a few of them at, then see what kinds of results they bring.

Tweak Your Title Tags

Title tags are very important because they tell search engines what your page is about. Make sure every title tag is unique, and not longer than 70 characters.

Additionally, don’t focus so much on Shopify SEO improvements that you end up writing title tags that are optimized for search engines, but not friendly to your viewers. Although it’s important to focus on keywords in your title tags, don’t do it in a forced way.

Add a Meta Description to Your Shopify Store

Your meta description should describe the content of the page by mentioning things that are not already covered in the title tags. Add your meta description by going to Preferences, then General Settings in the Shopify interface. When deciding what terms you want to include, focus on being concise and helpful.

Improve Product Descriptions as Part of Your Shopify SEO Strategy

Product descriptions could compel a person to buy an item, but also tie into your SEO goals. Don’t overlook them when optimizing your store. Although it may seem like an easy solution, never use the manufacturers product descriptions, because that can get you into trouble for having duplicate content. Instead, naturally incorporate keywords into your plain text and links. Also, try to convey what sorts of benefits are offered if a person decides to choose one product over another.

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