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by | Oct 31, 2018 | Web Marketing

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Content marketing consists of creating and distributing content to attract a specific audience in order to have profitable customer action. It needs a lot of attention and creativity. For you to be able to make a profit, you need to have a considerable amount of traffic. The content has to be original and informative. It also has to be engaging and truthful. You need to build your audience’s trust so that they keep coming back for more information.

Some companies can find it hard to come up with new and fresh contents for their website. This causes a slowdown in traffic which can eventually drive them out of business. While it may prove difficult to come up with new ideas over time, there are steps you can take that help you with the process.


The first step is always to brainstorm. Try to find an idea that your audience may want to learn more about. This step may prove to be easier if you’re continuously up-to-date about news in your niche. You have to find out what’s going on outside of your website. Browse around and go outside of the box. Perhaps there’s another niche that crosses path with yours. Explore all the different possibilities.

Then, you can start to refine your ideas. Not every thought you have will be a good idea, so make a list of them. Find the ones that are the most interesting and you’ll be able to write an engaging article based on it. If you find more than one great idea in the midst of your brainstorm, save the other ones for next time.  


Now that you have an awareness of what you’re going to talk about, research the topic. Your audience wants to read about something new. Don’t rely on the obvious. Research some lesser known aspects of your subject. Focus on one thing and gather as much information as possible.


You should get some beta readers. Even top marketing firms in Orange County seek the help of people in the general audience to get an idea of possible responses to their contents. Find some people that are willing to read your content. They have to be people in your target audience so that their opinions may be a possible reflection of audiences. Get them to tell you what they like, didn’t like, and didn’t understand. Make sure they found it easy to read and relevant to their interests.

Adapt and shape

Rewrite your article based on the feedback you received. You may want to do some more research to find out whether you missed an exciting or important point. Adapt to current events and your audience. You have to be certain that it’s your best possible article before making it public.

Content marketing can be intimidating and exhausting. That’s where the teams at Brandastic come in. There are writers to create new contents tailored to your specific audience. Brandastic will make sure that the contents are always relevant and engaging.

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