The Basics Of Cake PHP

by | Jun 9, 2017 | Software Development

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PHP is a scripting language that is open-source, making it highly accessible to web development companies. Cake PHP is the specific scripting language that is most often associated with website development.

It is considered to be easy to work with by PHP developers, plus it offers a lot of flexibility to create unique features on websites. As it does work with PHP, it is possible to use modifications to existing code rather than having to develop code to bring about the desired website features.
This is not a new platform and has been around and in use since 2005. As with other types of open-source web development platforms, there is an active community that is constantly working on improving and adding to the features.

Ease of Use

One of the big advantages to using Cake PHP is the ability to reuse codes and to avoid cumbersome and lengthy pre-configuration. It is possible to simply choose a pre-written code and use it. As the community is constantly adding code and ensuring it all integrates with other code, this can shorten the development time of a website even when complex features are required.

Additionally, most of the code has built-in systems that will automatically detect settings for the database. This also saves time in trying to configure the code to the database, something that can be a lot of work.

Other Perks

There are a number of other perks to using Cake PHP for website design. For example, it will use Create, Read, Update and Delete or CRUD. This allows the system function automatically for customers to create, read and update and account and then even delete it from the website database if required. The same types of CRUD technologies can also be used by administrators in their website applications and uses.

In addition to this feature, it will also provide options for validating, authenticating, translating, caching and even utilize object oriented programming for easy handling of data.

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