Why Do You Need A Shopify SEO Expert?

by | Jul 17, 2015 | Computer

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A great many people set up their own Shopify ecommerce site and see instant results. They have customers coming to their site, they are able to process transactions through the site, and things seem to be working very well. While it may look great, without the help of a Shopify SEO expert you may only be achieving a fraction of the traffic and possible income potential.

While Shopify is user-friendly and designed for quick set up and use, the templates and themes themselves don’t guarantee you are targeting any specific Shopify SEO strategy. You may be doing everything you can on the site based on your knowledge, but it’s what you don’t know that’s the problem.

Getting Noticed

Simply putting up a website, no matter how beautiful, efficient and well-planned it may be, isn’t going to bring in customers. It takes a Shopify SEO strategy with use of keywords, tags, and descriptions to allow the search engines to match your products with what consumers are searching.

An expert in Shopify SEO strategy will be able to quickly research and identify what those words and descriptions are that people are using in search engines. Working those into your website in headings, descriptions and meta tags in a natural, effective and correct way is critical for website traffic.


There are many mistakes that are easy to make if you aren’t working with a Shopify SEO strategy and SEO expert. One of the most common mistakes is to use the product description straight from the manufacturer or distributor. This virtually ensures your website isn’t going to be on the top of the list of search results because everyone else with already established websites is using the same text.

Instead, rewriting the description to look slightly different, using keywords and alternative search terms is highly effective. This does take time, but with a company working on your website it can be done quickly, giving you a definite advantage over the competition.

Other mistakes your Shopify SEO expert can help you to avoid includes using the improper ALT tags for images on the site. ALT tags allow consumers searching by images to find your website. Additionally, allowing customers to write product and service reviews on your site helps to boost original content and captures a wide range of different alternative search engine terms.

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