Why Investing In a Sunlight Readable Monitor Can Make A Big Difference

by | Nov 28, 2014 | Computer

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Do you use monitors outdoors, but notice that the glare from the sunlight is a constant source of frustration? It doesn’t have to be this way, if you make use of a sunlight readable monitor. The technology is now available to effectively remove glare completely – the effect is as if you were reading the monitor in a dark room.

How Do Sunlight Readable Monitors Work?

To put it simply, the visibility of a screen depends on the difference between the illumination (screen brightness) and the illumination (sunlight that’s reflected off the display.) If you manage to get the former brighter than the latter, then the display will be visible.

The average display on the market only has a brightness of around 350Cd/m2, which is relatively low, whereas sunlight readable displays can be as bright as 8,000Cd/m2. The only problem with such a high light intensity is that power consumption is greatly increased. Whether the trade between power consumption and light intensity is worth it will depend on your desired use.

Common Uses of Sunlight Readable Displays

The decision to use such a display will depend on the ROI, and that’s something that only you can work out. But giving you an idea regarding what kind of things they are used for might help you decide if you could benefit from one.

     *  Military: during military operations, having the ability to read a display is a time-sensitive issue. Not reacting quickly in a situation could prove to be the difference between life and death. Therefore, the military has invested in a sunlight readable monitor for each of their devices. This removes the frustration for the soldiers who rely on technology to help them during missions.

     * Marine: these days boats, no matter what size, will be packed with some form of technology that shows outputs via monitors. Having the ability to read these without the constant threat of glare makes it far easier to navigate the vessel.

     * Outdoor touch monitors: many industries make use of outdoor touch monitors to either provide their customers with information, or allow them to carry out a transaction. Imagine the customer dissatisfaction if the screen was unreadable at times due to heavy glare. Unsatisfied customers lead to loss of sales, and that is bad for the bottom line. Outdoor touch monitors could increase the ROI for businesses by increasing customer satisfaction, and reducing the time taken for each customer to complete a transaction.

These are just some of the common uses of a sunlight readable display. By carefully evaluating the needs of your business or organization you can identify ways in which to use this innovative technology to your advantage. You can visit www.insyncperipherals.com for more info


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