Why Your Google Drive is Getting Slower and Three Ways to Fix It

by | Oct 30, 2019 | Software Company

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If you are using Google Drive, then you probably have it synced in your phones, computers, and other devices where you normally access Google drive. This is normal, what is not normal is when it starts to slow down because of the number of documents and files stored in it.

The good news is, using a Google drive duplicate file findercan help you resolve this issue among other ways such as the following:

Taking Advantage of Google’s Desktop Sync Software

This is a software provided by Google to its Google drive users. With this software, your files and documents will always be in sync across all devices. Make sure to choose ‘sync everything in my drive’ in the options menu to ensure that it will work across all devices.

Manually Checking Your Files across All Devices

Some people are not tech-savvy. And if you find yourself having difficulty downloading or using Google’s Desktop Sync Software, you can always do a clean-up manually.

Say you log in to once of your devices and deleted several files, make sure to delete it on your other devices as well. This can be time-consuming but then, it is one of the best ways to avoid having a pile of duplicate files on your Google drive.

Using a Duplicate File Finder Program

The easiest way to clean up Google drive for duplicate files is to use a duplicate file remover program. A remover program is easy to install and use. Once you a program installed on your computer, press scan and let it do the clean-up.

What if you accidentally deleted files that are not supposed to be deleted? Find a program that comes with an emergency recovery option to keep you safe.

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