4 Workable Tips From An Online Branding Expert

by | Jan 8, 2016 | Web Marketing

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As a business owner, finding simple and cost-effective ways to increase your online branding is crucial. Investing in an online branding expert will certainly improve your efforts. However, if there isn’t enough wiggle room in your budget to bring on an online branding expert, there are four easy tips that can lead to a strong online presence.

There may be things that can be done without high-level support to get started, but having a professional carefully review the current practices is very much recommended. Check to make sure the following issues are addressed in your current branding initiative and set up to be part of all future online marketing programs.

Email Signatures

Every email from the company should be formatted to be the same as all others from your staff. It is not helpful if everyone is using their own colors, fonts and messages, and can actually detract from the branding efforts of a company.

Make Connections Automatically

Any online branding expert will tell you that the key to engaging target audiences is that your brand must be easy to find online. One basic requirement is to place social media buttons on all pages of the company website. Social media post buttons should also be placed on all content pages in order to encourage viewers to engage and share your content across their own social media networks.

Website Optimization

Website optimization is not only important for search engine optimization but for online branding as well. The website has to be visually appealing, engaging, easy to navigate, , and informative.

An online branding expert can review the current website and assist in optimization efforts. Incorporating company logos and colors as part of your site’s design will also augment brand image in a subtle yet very effective way.


Everything on your website, social media sites and media placements must be consistent with the message you want to send to your target audience. This message is more than just the products or services offered; it is the corporate identity that needs to be linked to those products and services.

An online branding expert will not only create and enhance your current brand, but will implement a highly effective program that will result in increased awareness and sales

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