CISCO Certification: A Training Course Could Make the Difference

by | Dec 22, 2014 | Computer

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Obtaining CISCO certification can open up a world of new and exciting options in the computer network and engineering industry. Constant evolution in technology creates a consistent need for advanced training and certifications to remain on top of the latest trends in computer technology, software and engineering. The IT job industry can be pretty cutthroat, as we all know, and it’s essential we stand out against those who could replace us or take the position we are trying to get. Globally recognized credentials can open the doors for advancement and higher responsibility as well as close the door behind us with increased job security; so of course we should strive to acquire as many certifications we can.

Who Qualifies For CISCO Certification?

This program is designated for individuals who currently hold specific positions, or have the equivalent in knowledge and experience within the computer networking sector. Network support engineers, network specialists and network administrators who have accumulated between one and three years of hands-on experience or the equivalent in knowledge are qualified for this certification course.

Time Commitment and Contents of CISCO Course Completion

The CISCO Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching certification program requires a commitment of 5 days. The contents of the program include validation of the specialist’s ability to perform installation, configuration, operation and troubleshooting tasks on the medium sized networks which are routed and switched. Competency in these areas, which are proven upon testing, will result in the awarding of the CISCO CCNA routing and switching certification. In addition to classroom instruction taught by qualified instructors in the field, software is also included for exam preparation along with hard copies of the course ware. The coursework is geared towards providing the necessary tools to promote student success.

Skills Required For Successful Completion of CISCO Certification Program

For successful course completion, students enrolling in this course must have experience and a working knowledge of Windows based PCs, the ability to start, close, browse the internet, research information on the internet, log onto PCs and networks and run programs.

In addition, basic working knowledge of computing, hardware, software, how software components function, operating systems, file systems, applications and how computer networks function is essential. You also should have current experience with Windows versions 7 and 8, Comp TIA network certification or the equivalent of these in skills and knowledge.

Qualified networking specialists, engineers, and administrators within the computer industry are encouraged to consider gaining CISCO certification in order to keep up with the latest information and techniques in their field of work. Increasing our knowledge and current skillset adds value, a greater ability to move up within our industry, and to have a better grasp on the requirements we will need to have with career advancement in this arena. For more information about utilizing training courses for your CISCO certification, you can come see us at Top Certifications Training. We’re a company, based near Orlando, which offers premier training services to those who are interested in acquiring some of the most recognized credentials in the IT world.

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