Ecommerce Store Design Tips to Help You Find Success

by | Dec 8, 2014 | Computer And Software

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Are you planning the creation of your Amazon Webstore Design? If so, there are a number of tips that may help you succeed, which are highlighted here. The design of your ecommerce store should exude confidence. The more confident the prospect, the more likely users will engage and make purchases.

When designing your online Amazon webstore, consider the following things.

CARP – Contrast, Alignment, Repetition, Design

*   Contrast

Ensure your site appears organized, sharp and crisp. Your site should not be a sea of identical imagery. Use various sizes, colors and shapes to distinguish the various pages and site elements.

*   Alignment

A site that is successful is designed and aligned. A visitor likes to browse intuitively, which means that if your site is not is broken into clean and clear elements, buyers can become frustrated and much less likely to purchase from your site.

*   Repetition

You need to have a site that offers a coherent and consistent browsing experience, which will sustain buyer confidence, while encouraging engagement.

*   Proximity

You can encourage visitor interaction by grouping related information. Your visitors need to be able to easily find what they want and then move to the next logical piece of information.

Lifestyle Images

Select relevant images that will inspire personal engagement. Try your best to choose images that reflect the user’s lifestyle.

High Quality, Large Images

Use high quality, big images on your entire site that are both consistent and clean. Ensure these are optimized to load quickly so users will remain engaged on the site. Nothing will decrease the confidence in your site more than a product image that is pixilated and takes a long time to load.


When you have a great site design, you will have at least three different text sizes and types present on your heading, body and side panels. When used properly, the text fonts will help to enhance the design of the store and increase your visitor engagement. When you use the tips here, you can feel confident that you have a great looking site that will encourage engagement and sales. For more information, Visit

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