How Does a Web Based Helpdesk Work?

by | Nov 15, 2013 | Computer And Software

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Are you interested in bringing in some type of web based helpdesk for your company? If so, you are making a great choice. There are so many benefits available when you choose this type of system. Before you purchase a web based helpdesk program, however, it is important that you understand how it works. This way, you can be sure that this is the right answer for your business.

The Basics of Helpdesk Software

When you choose to install helpdesk software into your existing business structure, you will be able to seamlessly serve your customers. You will find that this program will allow your customer to ask questions and make complaints right on the web. When an inquiry is received, the system will automatically attempt to answer it through the knowledgebase that you will need to establish. Many customer questions can be answered right then and there. This will ensure that your customers get answers to their problems quickly and your staff won’t need to take the time to answer the same questions over and over again.

If the answer to a customer query cannot be found in the existing knowledgebase, it will be turned into a ticket that will be sent to someone on your staff. You can choose how to route these questions based on topic, department, urgency or by any other category. At that point, your staff member will start looking into the problem or question. They will be able to work on resolving the issue by taking steps that have been put forth by your company policies. Throughout this process, since the program is web based, your customers will be able to see a status at any time. Once the problem is resolved, your customer will be notified and the resolution will be placed in the knowledgebase where it can be used again.

Finding Helpdesk Software

If this sounds like something you would be interested in for your company, you can easily find this software. There are many places online that will sell it as many software developers have made their own versions of this helpdesk software. Before settling with one over the others, it will be very important that you check out the company that makes it. By reading reviews and seeing what they can offer, you can make a very educated decision.



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