Guaranteed Defect Detection Systems: Because Your Customers Deserve the Best

by | Nov 20, 2013 | Business software

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When you are in the business of creating packaging, pharmaceutical labels, folding cartons and more, details matter. Errors can create problems and make your work look unprofessional. In the case of pharmaceutical labels it can even cause lawsuits. This is why it is important to have accurate methods of defect detection throughout the production process, but especially in pre-press. This valuable assistance can spot small errors that even the most fastidious of proofreaders may miss.

The Guardian OLP Proofreading and inspection system compares customer-approved artwork against samples before any product is created incorrectly. It verifies that images are aligned properly, text is free of defects, and everything is as it should be before packaging creation begins. This prevents the waste of valuable materials and can save both money and countless hours of frustration.

For documents and forms it can detect even the tiniest of font errors, duplicated or missing text, and much more. You can print inspection reports, which create side-by-side images of the correct, master image with any errors highlighted. All work can be thoroughly checked and approved before a final print begins.

Your customers expect perfection, so make certain you provide them with what they are looking for. Do not risk losing business by purchasing inspection products from a company that does not guarantee their systems.

PC Industries was established in 1975 and has been creating print inspection systems since the 1990s. Their technology today is the most versatile and wide ranging available in the trade. They offer bar code grading systems, document comparison systems and pharmaceutical label inspection systems.

Their high speed inspection solutions will provide you with the accuracy you need and will not slow down your process. Their text verification tool eliminates the need for constant proofreading. It helps locate errors human proofreaders can easily overlook due to many factors, including lack of trade experience or foreign languages. It is especially valuable for pharmacy labels when the printer is unfamiliar with drug names and instructions.

All of PC Industries’ come with a written performance guarantee and are supported by a dedicated customer support team. They promise everything will work perfectly as stated, every time, with 100 percent accuracy.

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