How Large Multi-Location Businesses Can Dominate Local Search

by | Nov 3, 2014 | Search engine software

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Do you have more than one business? Are they located in completely different areas, perhaps thousands of miles away from one another? Have you found local search domination a challenge up until this point? Here is some information that will help you dominate local search and ensure that you stay at the top.

There is no question that search marketing can be difficult for local businesses; however, when you have hundreds, or even thousands, of locations, it is an entirely different situation. Getting one business started in a certain location is a big enough challenge; now you are dealing with multiple locations across thousands of miles.

With these tips you will see how local search optimization for multiple businesses is easier than you probably thought.

Local Landing Pages

Having a local landing page created for every single one of your locations is not only important, it is essential. Dominating the local search results means that you are taking advantage of your area and your landing page by: implementing unique meta tags and titles; including the name, address and phone number everywhere on the page; utilizing an embedded Google local map; including photos; creating unique and local content; and optimizing your landing page URL.

Create Citations

A citation is when the name of your business, its address and phone number are found on another webpage, even if there is no actual link to your site on that page. Some of the important factors in local search ranking algorithms includes the total number of citations, the consistency and accuracy of the listings and if the website that is providing the citation is considered an authority.

Manage Any Existing Citations

If you have the time, or have an employee who has the time, cleaning up any existing citations is a good use of this time. Remove duplicates and be sure that the information is accurate on other instances online. The good news is that there are a number of tools that can be used to help and make this process much more efficiently. While you can do it manually, you will likely find this tedious extremely quickly.

Dominating the local searches will not be something that takes place overnight. However, when you create unique landing pages for each of your individual business locations, utilize the benefits of citations on other websites and optimize each of the business pages with best practices for local searches, you will be well on the way to total domination.

Once you have reached the level you desire for local searches, you will be able to build your brand recognition, drive more local traffic to your website and generate great results for your local business.

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