The SEO Process – Steps for Successful Results

by | Oct 29, 2014 | Business software

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Five ways to boost your success

You don’t need to be intimidated by the SEO process that can help direct more Internet users to your website. It can be a lot to take in and challenging to fully implement, but by following a few of these cues, you’ll definitely be on the right path.

1. Don’t Abuse the Keywords and Backlinks
When marketers first learn about keywords and backlinks and how they are utilized to draw more eyes to their site, there is a temptation to jam a blog full of them. Google has actually built an algorithm that penalizes a site that is over-optimized with keywords and backlinks. Keep the keywords or phrases to three to five per blog or article.

2. Befriend WordPress
Take advantage of useful and free software when you can. Using WordPress on your site is advantageous to you because you can add tags and meta descriptions using plugins like SEO by Yoast, Platinum SEO and others. If you have the premium plugins, you can get access to SEO suggestions that help you build up better meta descriptions and title tags.

3. Focus on Content
Content is something all marketing experts are talking about because it truly does drive traffic to your site, especially if it’s updated frequently. There are a couple of reasons for this; first, with quality content consistently being posted to your site, you’re going to keep readers interested, coming back and recommending your site to others. Secondly, you’re going to be boosting the number of keywords that are used in your industry, giving your site a higher ranking.

4. Build Your Links
Just as you add links to your site, pointing people to valuable information you’ve gleaned elsewhere, you want others to do the same for you. The best links are referred to as organic. These are links that major news sources have put in their stories that point readers to your site. Obviously, you won’t have asked for this link, but unless the news article is negative, you should get tons of traffic as a result. If you’re willing to work to get more links to your site, you should consider doing some guest blogging, request that others in your industry link to you (return the favor for them) and submit your site to industry directories. If you’ve got it in the budget, you can buy ads that boost the number of clicks to your site.

5. Follow Sears’ Lead
Sears embarked on an SEO process in 2013 and came out a big winner. They did it through consistent, quality content marketing. Sears utilized FitStudio, its online resource for workouts, programs and articles that help users reach their fitness goals, to build up a community of users looking for advice from fitness experts who contributed to the site regularly. This became a trusted source for information due to the quality of the content.

How does your organization approach the SEO process? Are you using keywords and links correctly? Do you struggle in your content marketing efforts? Some of the best SEO strategies are developed by professional marketers like Jasmine Sandler. Since 2004, Sandler has offered SEO training in her workshops, bringing her expertise to giants like Citibank. For more information, visit her site today.

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