HVAC Systems and Humidifiers: What You Need to Know

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Software Company

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Have you ever turned up your A/C because it was too cold, yet minutes would pass and nothing would happen? That’s because there’s more to altering the temperature of your house than most people are aware of. Part of it is actually the humidity of your house. What does this mean? Are there any other need-to-know pieces of information? The answer to both are as follows.

Humidity and the temperature of your house
The temperature of an area has a lot to do with the amount of water in the air. While not the true cause of temperature, it plays a big part. This is why our body’s natural way of cooling itself is through sweat. However, don’t start thinking less water in the air means hotter air. Quite the opposite actually, as dry air holds heat less effectively. You need to make the humidity in your house just right, which is why most thermostats made today also act as humidifiers.

Air conditioners are dehumidifiers
Air conditioners don’t just change the temperature of a house by blasting hot or cold air into the house, they also alter the humidity of the house itself. This is fairly simple technology, so most quality air conditioners do this.

However, be careful with this, as another need-to-know is that a damper inside can spike up your electricity bill something fierce. This is because your HVAC unit is working overtime to match the thermostat’s temperature. A damp interior could also potentially lead to mold in your walls, if you leave the dampness unaltered for too long.

Humidity affects health
Since high amounts of humidity can create mold, this mold can get into the air and cause lung problems when left untreated. Humidity itself can actually affect the overall well being of you and your family. As such, you should get an HVAC specialist to look at your thermostat and HVAC unit and recommend what level of humidity is right for you.

Changing the temperature of your home is more than just pressing a few buttons on the thermostat and calling it a night. It’s also about checking the humidity of your house and altering it accordingly to a level healthiest for you and your family. Keeping a watchful eye on your house’s humidity is a fast track to getting your house to just the right temperature for a comfortable day. When you need a reliable unit at a fair price, contact the professionals at Enterprise Selling Solutions. Their revolutionary software guarantees high-end service and quality AC installation.

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