Managing Your Google AdWords Independently with Consultant Training

by | Feb 19, 2014 | Computers and Internet

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A Google AdWords consultant is someone who specializes in helping individual advertisers take control of their own AdWords campaigns. While a company can take advantage of a third party for AdWords management and optimization, there are advertisers that like to retain control of all aspects of marketing. However, the desire to retain control doesn’t necessarily translate into the knowledge and expertise needed to create and run a successful campaign. With consultant training, advertisers can retain the control they want but learn the ins and outs of working with Google AdWords to get the results needed.

The Benefits of a Consultant

A consultant is not a manager of your account. A consultant simply reviews your current account and determines areas of improvement and how best to implement new strategies. A certified Google AdWords consultant often works on an hourly basis to help individual advertisers learn the intricacies of the AdWords platform and how to use their knowledge of technology to manipulate the campaign for the best results. Instead of relying on online tutorials to create a campaign, you get hands-on knowledge from someone who excels in the field of marketing campaigns using Google and Bing search engines.

Other benefits include being able to retain control of your advertising campaign, picking up industry-specific knowledge, and being able to optimize your account for the best results. You may not realize how your current campaign is hurting your business, but a Google AdWords consultant can tell quickly by reviewing your account.

Take Advantage of Training

If you have staff members that assist with your online marketing campaign, it’s always a good idea to get them training. A Google AdWords consultant can create specific training materials for your staff. This will help your staff learn the current techniques for working with an AdWords campaign and encourage them to continually update their knowledge for the best advertising results. Consultants use a variety of methods to train small groups of people on AdWords techniques. The consultant will take into consideration the group’s technological abilities and tailor the perfect training session for your staff.


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