Payment Models Used By Search Engine Marketing Companies

by | Feb 14, 2014 | Computers and Internet

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Whether you have been charged by the company you are working for to find a good SEO firm or you are looking for one to promote your own business, there are certain things you will need to know. Search engine marketing companies can take your website from the back end of Google rankings to the front because they have the expertise and the know how to do so. However, you will have to pay top dollar for this service but it is worth every cent. Here are some of the models used to pay for their services:

* Most of the companies you will speak to prefer to work on contract. These means that you will agree on the services you need done and then sign a contract and pay for the same based on the terms you agree on. You can often find the services they offer on their website and in some cases the pricing will be there too. The services may include a site audit so that they can ascertain the strengths as well as weaknesses of the website. They will also do a competitive analysis and look at specific keywords that can bring a better return on investment for your company.

* The other model is where once you have agreed on the services to be carried out you put the search engine marketing companies on a retainer payable monthly. Some of the services that can be included in this are keyword research, creation of relevant, quality content, press releases, regular analytics reports, optimization of the website as well as link building. This is one of the most common payment models available.

* Another model that can be used is hourly consulting. The assumption here is that you will be doing all your own day to day SEO activities and will only need to consult every now and then. This can be a strategy meeting where you get information and advice that can help your business or it can be that you need the SEO expert to assist you with a particular service.

* Finally, you can speak to one of the search engine marketing companies because you need a project done. In this case the payment model will be project based. The difference between this and a contract is that project based services tend to be custom created just for the client in regards to the said project. The price will therefore vary based on the project.

Search engine marketing companies have several payment models that they use when you contract their services. You need to find out what they are before you engage them.

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