Mistakes To Avoid At San Francisco Trade Shows

by | Mar 12, 2015 | Uncategorized

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Attending San Francisco trade shows is a great opportunity to learn, explore options and make new business opportunities. The Small Business Expo trade shows are held in major cities across the United States to highlight and put the spotlight on small businesses within the communities. We also provide free admission, which brings in a great number of interested small business owners.

With our tagline of “Thank you for supporting small business” we want all our exhibitors to have the best possible experience at our trade shows. As we are the only business networking event providing national venues we provide only quality shows at each of our locations.

We have found over the years first-time exhibitors often make simple mistakes in planning and organizing for the event. To help you to feel comfortable, prepared, and confident in preparing for the thousands of attendees arriving at our San Francisco trade shows we have generated a list of mistakes to avoid.

Bring Extra Materials

Our trade shows and networking opportunities bring an ever growing number of attendees per year. While we will happily provide you with the numbers from last year, these numbers continue to grow as people keep returning and recommending the show to colleagues and other small business owners.
It is always a good idea to bring at least an additional 10% over the numbers from last year for all your giveaways, demo items, items to sell and the literature you want to have on hand.

Know your Selling Points

Developing a short, concise message about the selling points of the items or services you want to promote at the booth is important. This allows you to share the relevant information in a natural way. You will also make sure to include everything you want the visitors to the booth to remember.
This information can also be highlighted in your literature and within your display as well for a uniform and consistent message.

Highlight a Few Products

While it may be tempting to bring samples, literature and sales items for all your products and services, try to highlight just a few. This allows you to focus in on the selling points of carefully selected items and to not overwhelm people as they come up to your display area.

Relax and Have Fun

Last, and certainly not least, we want you to have fun at the event. When you are relaxed, confident and obviously passionate about your products and services it comes across to those interested in what you are marketing.

We have more information about the benefits of having a booth at our San Francisco trade shows on our website. However, we know many small business owners have ideas of their own to share. What advice would you give a first-time presenter on making this a great experience?

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