Understanding the Different SEO Services Available

by | Jun 25, 2015 | Web Marketing

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As you begin to look for the right SEO services for your needs, you may begin to be curious about what makes one company’s SEO services different from all the rest. Most companies that provide SEO Services in Houston use different philosophies, methods and tools for optimizing websites. These approaches are typically termed as certain “hats” of SEO and there are typically three used. Understanding this is critical in finding the right service for your needs.

Black Hat SEO Services

This is a technique that is also referred to as spamming. Black Hat SEO is centered on the creation of sites that are designed to manipulate or trick the search engines in order to achieve a better rank. These black hat methods rely heavily on the automation of information to get large numbers of pages that are substandard and that pull links from sites that are completely irrelevant. This technique usually allows gets caught and with the latest Google updates, those who use it have become virtually obsolete.

White Hat SEO Services

These are the services that rely on putting relevant and quality content in place, along with effective marketing strategies. White hat services are going to focus primarily on the content of the site. These techniques will also help you to attract people, rather than search engines to the website. You will also be able to gain relevant and helpful inbound links with these efforts.

Grey Hat SEO Services

This is a mixture of the two other types of SEO services: white and black. The risk with these techniques is pretty high and frowned upon today due to all the updates that are being made by Google. Avoiding any sneaky or nefarious techniques will help to keep a site ranked well organically in the search results pages.

Selecting a Technique

When it comes to selecting a company, they will likely tell you that the technique they use is the best and the others will not achieve the desired results. However, if they are using any risky tactics, you should keep in mind you will bear the brunt of the punishment or consequences from search engines – not them. This is why it is highly suggested that you stick with companies that only utilize white hat techniques. This will keep you protected and keep your site visible for those searching for what you have to offer.

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