Reasons for Door Access Control System Installation in Plainfield, IN

by | Mar 23, 2017 | Business

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There are a few ways to secure certain areas of a building while allowing unrestricted access to the rest of the space. Elevators, for example, can be programmed to only go as high as a specific floor, and continue no further. Getting to a higher floor, such as the penthouse suite requires a special code or key. A secret door behind a bookcase or a built-in panic room can provide security for one or two people in emergency situations. Locked storage rooms, alarmed doors for restricted areas, and coded keypads are also ways to limit the number of people who can enter. The main reason for Door Access Control System Installation in Plainfield IN is security.

Another reason is safety. Chemical storage is an ideal example. A janitorial closet full of cleaning supplies, chemicals needed for research or specialized manufacturing processes, and mixtures required for industrial use can be harmful, or even lethal, when not handled properly. Door access control system installation in Plainfield, IN can ensure only trained professionals will be handling dangerous chemicals. High voltage areas can also be dangerous. In many cases, restricting access is a requirement by an oversight agency, a liability insurance carrier, business procedure, state or federal laws, or a combination of two or more of those conditions. Safety reasons also extend to pool areas, either public, private, or commercial. If a lifeguard is not present at a community outdoor pool, for example, the gates may have to be locked. Access control ensures only a lifeguard or security officer can provide access to the area.

Residential, commercial, or municipal door access systems can be customized to suit the needs, policies, budgets, and preferences of customers. An experienced technician can evaluate the needs and discuss possibilities with building owners. The system may consist of one or two doors, or several, depending on the size of the building, entry points, and areas that need to be restricted. Those interested in increasing the safety and security of people or items with controlled access can Request a free quote to get the process started. Wireless cameras, other surveillance equipment, and complete security systems are also available. Lowering insurance premiums is yet another reason to consider controlled access.

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