The Benefits Of HTML 5 Development

by | May 21, 2018 | Computer And Software

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For many business owners, turning over the design and development of a website to a professional service is a simple way to achieve the end goal of a user-friendly, practical and easy to use website.

While this is certainly true, it is still a good idea for the business owner to understand the latest trends in the web design and development industry and to ensure these features and attributes are being used on the site. This will make the website more dynamic and modern, allowing it to function in the future without looking old or dated.

A good example of this is found in the use of HTML 5. This new programming language allows an experienced HTML 5 developer to add a variety of features to the website. Even complex elements and features will load quickly and perform without the delay and problems seen with many applications of third-party plugins.

The Code Advantage

An HTML 5 developer will use a simplified code on the website design. For the user, there will be no visible difference with the use of the language to simplify the code. For the website, it will mean higher performance, better differentiation of fields and cleaner code. The cleaner the code, the fewer the problems or potential issues that can occur.

This also means that when it is time to modify or change a page that the task will be much easier. This helps to reduce costs in the long run for the business.

Audio and Video

Websites today tend to include a lot of multimedia elements. With the support of an HTML 5 developer, these elements can be easily incorporated into the web page to play without delays and error messages.

With the ability to write the HTML 5 code rather than use third-party plugins or the need for APIs, the website will be completely customized to show the audio and video on a wide range of browsers and applications.

The World Wide Web Consortium also endorses HTML 5 for use in games, mobile-friendly websites, for rotating and sliding images as well as for scrollable content.

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