Why Choose A 1GBPS Dedicated Server

by | Apr 17, 2018 | hosting

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Most companies and businesses handling average internet traffic, even with some moderate peaks in demands on resources will not need a full 1gbps server. These servers can be highly beneficial for a few different types of users. They may well be a requirement for a large company or online business transferring a lot of data or processing a lot of different operations on an ongoing basis.

There are several different specific reasons to choose a 1gbps server from your hosting service provider. While this used to be considered the ultimate in a server, there are now also 10gbps servers available, which is an important factor to consider if your site expands or you find you need increased speed and performance.

Live Streaming With Multiple Users

Live streaming with multiple users, either video, audio or both, is a good option for these types of servers. If you are considering a hosting service for this type of website or application, be sure to look carefully at the bandwidth restrictions.

It will also be important to consider the quality of the service. You will need to have reliability and tech support 24/7 every day to ensure if there are any issues they can be quickly addressed and the site back up and running.


Online gaming sites are another type of site that can benefit from the use of a 1gbps server. Many of the larger gaming sites would use more than one server, providing a continual gaming experience through redundancy if one server were to go down even for a very short period of time.


Of course, a business may also require this level of the server. This can include if there are HD videos on the site, if the business uses video-conferencing, particularly with applications that are in HD.

If you are not sure if you require this type of service and server, talk to a web hosting service you trust. They can discuss your needs and make a recommendation to fit your budget and ensure quality performance of your website or application.

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