Tips For Comparing Virtual Private Server Hosting Plans

by | Apr 11, 2016 | hosting

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There are many different reasons why a business would choose virtual private server hosting over in-house servers or any other type of hosting service. A virtual private server or VPS is maintenance–free solution to having all the space, data storage and speed you need in a way that can be scaled up when the business grows.

There are many different options in VPS hosting, and it will be important to know what you want, or what you don’t want, before making a decision on a company. You don’t have to be an expert on internet technology or servers, but you do have to pay attention to specific details to get the right match for your needs.

Managed Servers

For those with limited technology experienced, choosing managed virtual private server hosting is the best option. This means that the hosting service will monitor and repair any issues that occur on the server. If you are experiencing any problems, you will simply call in, and the issue will be resolved.

Business with an in-house IT department or an IT professional may be very comfortable in choosing an unmanaged service. This allows your professional to reboot or address errors in the service other than those that require actual physical repair of the system.

RAM and SSD Disk Space

If you have a computer, you are familiar with RAM or random access memory that allows the system to store and rapidly retrieve necessary data. The more RAM that is available on the system, the faster it works, which is the same for a virtual private server.

SSD disk space is the same general operating consideration. The more disk space available, the faster the system will run and the less chance that you will need to free continually up space.


There are top virtual private server hosting services available today that offer 100% uptime due to built-in redundancies and state of the art equipment. These services are typically very competitively priced, even with those companies offering 99.95 or 99.99% uptime.

When having the website and access to data and apps through the server always available without any possible downtime, choosing the 100% uptime company for a few dollars more is always the best option.

Compare other features of the program such as email, bandwidth, SSL certificates, spam, dedicated IP addresses and even if there is an additional cost for your domain name per year. By considering all factors, you will see which option is the best price for your specific requirements.

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