What is Bounce Rate and Why is it Important?

by | Sep 12, 2017 | Web Marketing

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With the advent of the internet, a flood of brand new, unheard of terms have surfaced to describe the brand new, unheard of events surrounding it. One of these is what’s known as “bounce rate”. If you’re considering hiring a marketing company in Orange County, you may be wondering what a bounce rate is if you don’t know already, particularly the importance of it. Read on to learn both and more.

Bounce Rate: what is it?

Starting at the beginning, what exactly is a bounce rate? A bounce rate is the statistic measuring single-page sessions on your web page. When you change pages on a website, it sends a signal to the site’s server, so a bounce measures how many times only the home page on the server was accessed. There is no time limit for a visit to be counted as a “bounce visit” because a bounce visit requires only visiting one page, so it makes no difference how long you were on that page.

Whether a high bounce rate is a good or bad thing depends on the type of site you’re trying to make. If your site requires its visitors to go from one page to another, then it can be devastating to see so many people only go to one page before leaving. However, if you, for instance, run a blog, then a high bounce rate is a very good thing.

Why is Bounce Rate Important?

From a marketing standpoint, having a low/high bounce rate (again, depending on what site you’re making) can make or break you. Especially if you, like the lion’s share of every business that uses the internet as an invaluable marketing tool, depend on Google for people finding your site. The reason is that the amount of bounce visits your site receives determines how high your site is ranked on google searches (i.e. whether it’s the first thing your customer sees upon googling your company or not). Thus, making sure your customers not only remain on your site for a longer period of time but also move to the different pages you have set up is paramount to your online success.

The best tip for you if you have a high bounce rate when you’d prefer not to, is to rearrange your homepage. Clearly either something just isn’t grabbing your consumer, or something is actively driving them away. Make the other pages easier to get to, or make the homepage more fun to navigate for those new to your company. A bounce rate can either be your best friend on the internet, or the first and final nail in your coffin.

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